Un Dia a la Vez, Mi Cristo

This weekend has been incredibly mind blowing!  To hear news about the Dream Act and to be reading some great discourse by Justo Gonzales I come to the point almost of overwhelming stillness.  This can be good and bad.


Well the news about how God has answered prayers about this new legislation is just a small victory in which where we as Lations can run with the gun and blow away tremendous opportunities that we once never had.  At least for myself,  I can get too carried away about what “could be” instead of what it can become.  My spirited nature wants to dance with joy and celebrate over carne asade.  But this is just an originating wave that can turn into something bigger [over time].


The other spectrum is if I stay still and become awed over this blessing without doing a like of work then my joy is futile.  What does a man gain if he wins financial aid? It’s not the money, its the opportunity.  I constantly must remind myself that there is a lot of work to be and that if we take one step at a time,  In Christ, all things are possible.


Un dia a la vez
Mi Cristo!
Es lo que pido de ti
Dame las fuerzas para vivir
Un dia a la vez.

Do this:  Pray, be thankful and go.


Mis hermanos. The day has come and we must trust in God, with everything.


en coinonia,




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